Soul City Approved: Tokyo Dawn Records - The Heart Vol. 2


Tokyo Dawn Records hails from Munich, Germany. Started in 1997, they have been spittin’ out some great music for a long, long time. The opportunity to hear this great music came a few months ago when I received an email from them. They gave me a link that took me to their press page where all this music was available to me for free. I downloaded all of it. I’ve listened to 3 of them so far and I love it. The Heart series are my favorites. According to the website, “'The Heart' compilations are a musical homage to the iconic heart symbol which refers to the core of the human being, representing love and passion worldwide.”

The sound on Volume 2, which I have to say is my favorite of the three, is more of a progressive soul sound, and the artists on the roster and talented in their own right. Artists that I’m pretty sure aren’t mentioned by the majority of music enthusiasts. Names like, Portformat, Amalia, Positive Flow, and the soulful Colonel Red. Mix the two together and the result is amazing. And I only see more coming. Check out their website┬áto check out their catalog. You can also find Tokyo Dawn Records on Twitter and Facebook.